Here at GWL we are so blessed to have our amazing facilitators and volunteers who are constantly encouraging our girls and giving out. Meet our team!



Our fearless leader Caroline, started GWL back in 2016 with a passion to see young girls empowered. She has graciously led the GWL team through it’s many transitions that accompany growth. She truly embodies who a Girl Without Limits is.



Our Art Therapist who runs the art sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday is very passionate about utilising the medium of art with young girls to build self-confidence
and resilience by creating a comfortable and engaging environment.



One of our qualified meditation teachers who has been part of GWL from day one. Leanne is extremely passionate about building a sense of self-worth and positive body image and encouraging the girls to embrace mindfulness and making it part of their ongoing development.


Ezzie Griffin

Erin is our yoga teacher who loves creating warm and welcoming spaces, guiding young women to develop appreciation for themselves and everything their bodies can do. Combining her studies of yoga and mental health, Erin uses gentle movement and breathing practices as a way to strengthen connection between mind and body.



Recently appointed as our Club Coordinator Amy is qualified Counsellor and nurse with a passion for building positive body image. Amy completed her Masters on Counselling with a drive to see young women build confidence in their own unique identities.



Sabine is our Pilates Instructor who is a qualified Physio, youth mentor and speaker. She's a strong advocate for eating disorders, body image and mental health.



One of our qualified meditation teachers who also has been part of GWL from day one. Robyn is extremely passionate
about providing young girls with the tools to build resilience and self-confidence such
as practising mindfulness.



Sophie is currently finishing her studies in Health Promotion through Notre Dame. She is our ‘Find Your Fit’ coordinator and is also involved in a number of community projects.